The Inner Peace Journey

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Stop getting hooked into responding to your old stressors in the same old way, and learn how to create new endings to those old stories. You can learn how to reprogram your neuroplastic brain with these four guided meditations that will help you create new brain pathways so you stop responding in the same old ways. Four Guided Meditations: Journeys to Inner Peace 1. Change is the Order of the Universe We may not be able to change the events in our lives but we do have the power to choose how we react to those events. Change is the biological order of the universe and it's easy when you put your mind to it. 2. Facing the Fear Monster Everybody gets afraid, moving beyond what frightens us requires that we recognize that it's we who have it, not it that has us. How to face the fear monster. 3. Fake It Till You Make It If you believe that you can influence your outcomes, then what you dare imagine is actually more likely to happen. 4. New Endings to Old Stories The way it was is no longer the way it is. You can create new endings of your old stories that no longer reflect the truth of who you are today.
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